Manage projects through people

Management can be a complicated thing. Many companies promote people to management / supervision positions based on their knowledge of work and the ability to resolve something. But management went far beyond that, which is why many managers are not as effective as they should. So what is needed to become an effective manager / supervisor?

Supervisory work is managing people and projects. People-management tuning and project management skills are needed for every manager to be truly effective.

If someone manages the project but not people

If a manager manages to manage the project but is not very good at managing people then the task is done, but often does not want and usually full of errors. The managed team is not motivated to work as effectively as they only because management is considered incompetent. Very rarely are satisfied employees with their work when they don’t feel that they are, or their work, appreciated. In turn, employees turn valuable as they consider.
While management may have all parts and processes on the spot, the motivation for excellence is very low, no. The work was done because management had the ability to manage projects through processes that were enforced, but the level of productivity was far.

If someone manages people but does not project

If a manager is very good at managing people but do not manage the project well, then they end up with the team who want to do their best work, but without a system in a place that keeps the project on the track. Basically, you have a team that keeps busy turning their wheels. Yes, everything is finished but much slower. Important tasks are pushed back because the “urgent” task and less important tasks have never been completed.

Basically, managers can maintain a happy team, but only because they do what they want for what needs to be done. This ensures that a bigger and important victory has never been realized and the team, as a whole, is stored from the greatness they can do.

If someone manages the project through people

If someone effectively manages the project and people, then you have a team that operates on the peak performance that produces the best quality work. The role of a good manager – every manager really – is managing their project through their people. Managers must understand that people are their most valuable and responsible resources to create valuable results. In fact, a manager who does not provide good project management skills, really does not respect his team.

A great manager needs to care about his team to help them sharpen their skills by giving the direction needed. This, in turn, helps them produce their best work. The end result: the project will be completed quickly and accurately through a team that is motivated to do the best.

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