What makes the manager good great?

There are so many managers out there in the position of authority that makes the manager terrible and clearly not the biggest manager in the world. Therefore, truly brilliant managers are always in demand – and if you happen to be a great manager, then hope to get more than your colleagues.

Various types of managers

The first type of manager is a bad manager who does not survive in any authority position too long. They behave erratically and do not understand how to manage and effectively guide their team, or know how to produce results. They always mix their ego with their work function and have very high turnover rates for their team members – and thus, their careers.

Unfortunately, there are some bad managers in the top position today. Maybe this is the biggest reason why companies make so many operational mistakes and don’t realize why there are low morals throughout the company.

The second type of manager is a good manager. These are ‘B’ and ‘C’ students in their profession. This manager is quite knowledgeable and knows enough to finish the job properly and produce extraordinary results. But, good managers can never do better than this – even if they want. Of course, a good manager is the notch above the bad and their turnover rates are not too drastic, but they certainly never see the overall picture or exceed expectations.

A good manager often lives in the position they have experienced. However, they are honest and reliable and form an important part of the organization. Everyone likes good managers and they are valuable tools to increase their enthusiasm and morals of their employees.

Great manager – not oxymoron

However, the highest level manager is a great manager. Great managers tend to be beyond expectations consistently and have clear perceptions about what they want and how to send it. This is a hero of companies that produce repeatedly. Because they understand how to motivate, delegate, and follow up, they can reach almost everything – and that too, with much less energy.

Without great managers it is practically not possible to work. And long-term goals will never be achieved. They are the captain of the ship, sailing their beloved ships into a waters that have not been mapped but still know where they go. Great managers know exactly how to finish work and become successful. Because they are born as winners, they feel that one of the errors or errors can be overcome by the right action plan.

Great managers are rare and valuable assets that are valued by most organizations, because they are people who generate income for the organization. They have the ability to think outside the box and are not afraid to take new and have not been tested. What’s more, they are not afraid to ruffle some feathers to complete work. Without great managers, there will be no economy or a successful business to talk about.

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