How to be successful in the service industry

Want to know how to make your spark in the ocean service provider on the market today? It’s true what they say – it’s really about customer service. Here are some tips for keeping your customers happy and returning for more services you provide:

Be friendly.

Remember that when customers hire your company, they don’t just pay for service; They pay for you. Of course, they expect work to be done properly, but they also expect you and your employees to be friendly, polite, and respectful in every correspondence and the contact point you make with them. From the secretary who answered the phone when they called to make promises to people who appeared on their door to provide services, they expect a smile, greetings and general courtesy. Think of this as an integral part of the service you provide, and you will give you yourself and your business in the competition.

Be professional.

No matter what service you provide to your customers whether it’s manicure, home cleaning, or septic tank services, you and your employees must do themselves with professionalism at any time. This means properly and professional dress, manage communication with customers politely and effectively, and handle customer property with care and respect. If you are good at what you do, but it fails to emit professionalism, your business will suffer as a result.


Make sure your customers can depend on you to provide services when you say you will do it. For example, if you state that your office hours come from 10-5 every day, don’t go at 4:45 because if and when the phone rings, you will likely lose customers. If you promise to provide certain services, no matter how small, make sure it is done and done correctly at any time. Save your appointment, and never be late. If you are reliable and reliable, your customers don’t need to call your competitors.

Guarantee your service.

Give your customer’s trust in their decision to hire you by guaranteeing your service. You can offer them a money back guarantee if they are not satisfied for any reason, or at least, convince them that you will make a mistake or less quality service. If they know you support your work, then they will feel much more comfortable paying for your service.

Offering competitive prices.

Even if you offer perfect service in a reliable and professional way, your business may still find him panting if you don’t offer competitive prices. Do your homework and find out what other service providers in your area and your niche are charging, and then match or defeat the price. Starting, you must offer the lowest price you can while still producing profits – at least until you build a brand, your reputation, and your customer base.

Follow up.

To maintain your customer base, you must be sure to provide services even after sales. Don’t assume that the customer once will return to you for the future business, even if you do a good job. Create an effort to keep your brand in their minds. For example, you can call a few weeks after service to see if your customers are really satisfied. Or, maybe you can send monthly reminders for follow-up services or “Thank you” cards to communicate your appreciation for their business. This small seemingly effort, when done consistently can potentially produce a decent return on future business.

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