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Even if you hire some of the top movers in Toronto, moving into a new home is still overwhelming. All those tasks and to-do lists and all that hassle can be way too much. And if you find yourself having too many things and not sure where to put them, consider a storage facility in Toronto as an option. Many of the top movers in Toronto can provide one and rent it to you on a monthly basis. Then it is really up to you whether you need the unit for a month or for 15 years. Now, the question that arises is what exactly can you and what can’t you put in a storage unit?  As one of the top moving companies in Toronto, at Let’s Get Moving we have seen a lot of mistakes when it comes to choosing what to put in a storage unit. We are here to share some of these with you, in the hope that this article will help you understand better what should and shouldn’t be stored.

Dangerous substances

And don’t think about TNT here. Anything from cleaning produce to sprays and from nail remover to fireworks is actually among the dangerous substances and should be stored according to the indications on the labels. Most of these can ignite easily in a closed space, especially since there is not much ventilation. This would put the entire storage facility at risk, and no one would recommend you store these items. Top movers in Toronto, who often rent their storage units for years, can tell you that people sometimes forget they have things in storage. Just imagine forgetting about a dangerous substance!… Don’t ever play with this.

Perishable goods

Maybe you bought way too much flour when the pandemic emerged and there is nothing to do with it now, so you want to store it until you figure out a solution. Please, don’t. Perishable goods are the perfect medium for parasites, from maggots to moths. And just the thought of having their entire storage facility infested would give the chills to any of the moving companies in Toronto. If you are not sure what to do with that food, consider donating to a charity! And in case you don’t know where to start searching for one, the top movers in Toronto have a solution for this. Reach out to them with this issue and they will surely help!


While the top moving companies in Toronto provide climate-controlled storage units, you might find some that don’t have this feature, every now and then. This means your goods are exposed to extremely hot and extremely cold temperatures. There is a high risk that your television or your laptop, if stored in a unit, will be damaged this way, regardless of how it’s packed. And don’t even think about leaving items plugged in, because for safety reasons, this is never an option. Your movers will explain everything in detail. Consider the risks of storing electronics and think about whether or not these risks are worth taking.


…or any other expensive or valuable items. First of all, the temperature and humidity might ruin them. Second, they might be stolen, in case the unit is broken. Luckily, top movers in Toronto, such as Let’s Get Moving, provide climate-controlled storage units that are permanently kept under CCTV surveillance. But really, you can never know what can happen. If there are some items that you love and would never accept losing this way, consider keeping them at home or in a safer place. Or just ask your movers how safe their units are and how they can reimburse you, in case anything goes wrong.

Living creatures

Yes, we see that raised eyebrow. But you wouldn’t be able to imagine how many people ask if they or their pets can stay in a storage unit. At this point, we know they might be trolling, but as one of the top moving companies in Toronto, we cannot afford to make fun or joke about requests from people. So, just to be sure, let’s get things clear once and for all: storage units are not meant for accommodating living creatures. They are not tiny rooms you can live in, but giant boxes where you can put your stuff for a while.

We hope this article helped you figure out whether some of the things you own should be given another destination. Of course, you can always call your movers and present an inventory about the things you want to store, and they will tell you what is and what is not possible. Let’s Get Moving has climate-controlled, 24/7 surveilled storage units in Toronto.

The lack of air circulation means temperatures can get incredibly hot or incredibly cold – either of which could permanently damage your computer or television. While you can store a large appliance like a refrigerator, keep in mind that you cannot plug it in, as doing so could create a short circuit or malfunction. Give us a call today and inquire!

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