Daniel Shin Showcases the Benefits of Engaging With Authentic Leadership Skills

When Daniel Shin first entered the entrepreneurial world, he could not have believed in the mountains that he would climb. The founder and co-CEO of PortOne Digital, Daniel Shin, has played the role of prominent innovator, entrepreneur, and disruptor, all while navigating the saturated global market.

Through his work as a serial entrepreneur, Daniel Shin has attained vast experience in the development of teams and the growth of businesses as they seek to engage in sustained forward progress.

Daniel Shin sat down with the team at Business Review to outline a few different ways he has brought his unique team-building flair to the office.

Why Daniel Shin Focuses on Collaboration

Working alongside someone can be a great way to navigate complex ideas while looking for new solutions. Daniel Shin has long emphasized the importance of collaboration and open communication between executive leaders and day-to-day workers.

Daniel Shin says, “I believe productivity is about having command over where to spend your time. My topical day. used to be bogged down with calls and meetings.”

To find this height, Daniel Shin has had to focus on learning how to navigate people and delegate tasks as they manifest. This means that an effective leader must be able to read a room before delivering a resolution to whatever problem they find.

Along the way, Shin suggests that good leaders will have to learn how to say ‘no’ in the right way while putting secondary tasks on the sidelines. Leaders should focus on key tasks that benefit the business at its highest levels, putting trusted teammates in charge of other obligations.

Through prioritization and collaboration, Shin believes that there are a few unique and beneficial outcomes that are common to manifest.

  • Timely Deadlines – Keeping business objectives at the front of your mind while delegating tasks can go a long way toward maintaining even the most rigorous of deadlines.
  • Better Team Focus – Team alignment helps with the prioritization of goals. Delegation and collaboration can lead to better team alignment. This strategy gives leaders a chance to keep members focused rather than sidetracked by less productive tasks.
  • Burnout Reduction – Finally, collaborative communication can lead to a reduction in the risk of burnout. When members are openly collaborating, they are able to reduce the pressure that they feel on themselves.

Bringing New Ideas to Life

As Daniel Shin builds better teams within each business he navigates, he continues to focus on the forward progress that bringing ideas to life can provide.

Shin says, “Bringing ideas to life is ultimately execution, and execution is done effectively when it is a result of teamwork and people that you trust.”

To better focus on his goals, Shin has remained steadfast in his desire to cultivate a team that is as collaboratively open and honest as possible. Shin adds, “When the right people are in the room with you, ideas naturally come to life without much friction.”

Shin went on to say in his interview, “Too many people focus on making money, and that deters you from the path to greatness that you were previously on.”

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